theplanetspins is a planetwide umbrella under which we stand in order to expand and fulfill our potential as socially engaged creatives. We are multi-directionally connected and we want our connections to be visible and tangible to better leverage and empower ourselves and one another in the development and exploration of our various enterprises, all of which generally have a strong focus on community contribution. Our mandate is not limited to or by any geopolitical boundaries, given that many of us have strong ties to elsewhere places and much of the inspiration for and source of our creativity comes from this heart in two places type existence. theplanetspins is a weaving of fabric and a building of bridges between all our first, second and third homes. We aim to create opportunities for, with and within our extended and extensive creative families, beyond the borders of any specific place. theplanetspins is a finding of people with the fabulousness of a thoroughly lived but potentially unimagined life, stored up for years, percolated and honed and ready to bear fruit. We are a hothouse and nursery for interesting enterprise.


theplanetspins provides grant writing, project management and financial services to projects and actors within the creative and community development industries.

-    We work within our existing network to create new projects under the TPS banner
-    We partner with external artists and organisations to find financing for and to manage projects
-    We charge a fee for grant writing services and provide financial management for other groups projects