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Arts Management in a Global Context

Arts Enterprise Management – Special Research Group

Attached to this post are the notes from the recent Arts Enterprise Management – Special Research Group - Workshop that occurred at the Academy of Management Conference, 9th of August, 2013.

In summary, we had a very productive meeting and left with a strong commitment by parties present to begin research replication and joint paper writing to advance the field. In the next months I will translate Professor Jaime Ruiz Gutierrez’s 5 dimension methodology for measuring impact of cultural events into: English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, French and other languages (please let me know if you language is not included here), so we can begin global research replication of cultural event impact.

Alison also suggested that we develop an online space to further discussions – and I will begin to investigate this. Further, if anyone has any good connections with journals – we are seeking to create a special edition on ‘arts management research’. I have also attached the workshop powerpoint document developed by Jaime and myself.

We will continue conversations regarding arts and cultural research at the EURAM conference in Valencia, Spain – next June (more details forthcoming). We will also endeavour to propose a standard paper panel at Academy of Management next year (August). For further information, corrections and discussion please contact me (Ben).

Thanks everyone – special thanks to Jaime, Alison, Kerry and Robyn for their help in putting the PDW together.

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