Film Title:    Lon Marum
       Soraya Hosni & Chief Filip Talevu
     Thomas Dick
Partners:      Further Arts, West Ambrym Community, Vanuatu Cultural Center, Krabi Studios, Two Gallahs

Lon Marum is a documentary film depicting the relationship between language, culture, place, music, tradition, and magic – in the context of life on an active volcano. Lon Marum means the “people who live in the path of the volcano”, such is the profound relationship that the people of Emyotungan and West Ambrym have with the volcano. Recently Western scientists have become interested in the volcano. From all over the world, researchers come and attempt to “know” the volcano. As a laboratory, Lon Marum is a challenging environment.

This film is a journey through a physical and an abstract community. It is tied together not by drama and controversy, not by sensational representation, but by the quotidian experience of the volcano.