TPS Involvement:

theplanetspins created an infographic to depict a complex relationship network. Two projects have subsequently utilised the graphic to illustrate and best harness their networks.

Project Title:  Music Bridges
Contributors: Ben Foley

Music Bridges aimed to connect the Pacific, Africa and Europe through music

This project aims to reinforce the creation and the production of music goods in Vanuatu and Mozambique building on south-south cooperation, networking and distribution circuits between regional and european artistic contexts.

All of the experiences and tools aim to broaden the horizons of the musicians to create pathways to achieve their musical dreams.

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Project Title:  SGC Music Hub
Contributors: Ben Farr-Wharton, Louisa Miranda, Ben Foley

The Southern Gold Coast Music Hub, TPS worked in partnership with the Centre For Tourism Leisure and Work (CTLW) and Connecting Southern Gold Coast (CSGC) to connect the musician, the band, the nightclub, the cafe, the photographer, the sound person, the web-designer, the promoter… anyone and everyone operating within the music and entertainment industry in this region. We know that relationships create value and that social capital can become success so the SGC MusicHub has been created to support both of these and more.

Find out how close you are to a connection you’d like to make by registering and plotting your spot on the hub.

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