The Whole-Being Wellness Group is a holistic health program, concentrating on physical health/healthy body, healthy access to experience and emotions and healthy engaged minds. Once we have a healthy relationship to our whole selves in these ways, we can begin to have healthy relationships with others and with the world. Wellbeing often has a narrow focus as so much emphasis is put on the wellbeing of our bodies. Our task at Whole-being is to include everything in our strive for wellness. Bodies are important, but not to the exclusion of our hearts and minds.  Ourselves are important, but not to the exclusion of others and the world. The objective of Whole-being is wellbeing for individuals while seeing themselves as an integral part of the wellbeing of the whole.

The whole-being wellness offering is a value-added integrative program that draws on our qualifications and experience as Gestalt therapists, art therapists and movement therapists, our whole-being program offers a safe and loving space for students to learn how to connect with themselves and each other.  Whole-being aims to break down the barriers to true belonging. True belonging is the innate and undeniable sense that we are truely meant to be here, in this group, in this life, in this moment . Exploring scalar belonging (belonging in the body, belonging in the group, in the family, in the class, in the uni, in the area, and in life itself), we help to navigate ways through old conditioning that make us feel alone and isolated even when we are among peers. This program is the antidote to stress and loneliness. Rather than hide away when things feel at their worst, Whole-being encourages us to be vulnerable and to reach out to a friend when we are in need. It gives us tools to relax by deeply connecting with the world around us, ourselves and each other.

The sense of being a whole person is largely lost in the world we live in. Gestalt therapy aims to connect with the parts of ourselves that we have cut off. Our unfelt emotions, or unsaid truths leave us numb to parts of ourselves and keep us searching for something ‘out there’ to fulfil us. Gestalt therapy gently guides people to see where they have forgotten themselves, and welcomes this parts of us back so that we can indeed experience a true and lasting sense of wholeness. Group Gestalt therapy is particularly interesting and powerful because being seen and witnessed in a group by multiple people at once shows us we are truly not alone. Recognising our connection to others offers great healing in and of itself.